Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blocks: New Brevoort Block Room!

We thought about what we could do with the amazing HOLLOW BLOCKS we fundraised for last year and the staff room that was being underutilized - we decided to create a fabulous new block room! The classes will get the room for 1 week at a time so that they can have time to plan and build something over a week span. After this they will be encouraged to sketch and photograph their creations to add to the wall of fame.

We love blocks at The Co-op School. Here are a few articles on why blocks are so cool:
Scholastic's All About Blocks
Blocks May Help Spactial and Mathematical Thinking
Why are Teachers So Passionate About Blockbuilding?


  1. Love this! Where did you purchase your hollow blocks?

  2. Community Playthings! They are awesome!

  3. Blocks are so awesome. Could they also incorporate fabric (tarps, drop-cloths...) to make fort-y structures? And love to one week to play model - can't wait to see what they create!
    - Courtney (Dragonfly Wyeth mom)

  4. Yes! We already have all of that up there already (beads, fabric, paper, tape, fake flowers, tubes, etc.). We're going to post pics of some of the creations thus cool!